You can import your existing address book from Outlook, Gmail, Nation Builder, mailing lists and canvassing software straight into eCasework. All you need to get started is a CSV or XLSX file with each column named (also known as a header row), which you can export from wherever your contacts list is currently held.

Follow these instructions to import your existing address book. This feature is not available on tablets or mobile devices.

  1. Click the Add Person button.
  2. Scroll down and click the Import button.
  3. Choose your CSV or XLSX from your computer.
  4. You'll need to match the columns in your file to the columns in our database. For each column, select the corresponding field using the drop-down. If the corresponding field doesn't exist in our database, you can use the Notes field or skip it.
  5. Once you've finished matching or skipping columns, click Upload.

Your file will be processed automatically and the contacts will be added to your contacts list in the People tab. Get in touch if you have any issues.