This is the easiest way to add new information or instructions to a case, and can also be used to explain tasks that need completing. Use the 'Update case' button to mark down each step or record an instruction, and change the due date to ensure each step is completed in a timely manner.

Follow these instructions to update a case using the 'Update case' button.

  1. Log in to your eCasework account.
  2. Click the Casework tab to open your case list.

  3. Select a case from the case list.

  4. Click the Update Case button.

  5. Type in the latest information, any recent developments, or leave an instruction for an assistant. You can also set the due date and assign the case to someone else.

  6. Click the Save button.

That's it! You may want to assign the case to someone else if you've left an instruction, or change the due date if you need to revisit this case later.